Thursday, October 25, 2012

Makes you realize how precious Life truly is..

     As I sat there reading, with tears pouring down my face, I felt two little arms hug me and the sweet voice of my daughter telling me she loved me.  I tried not to turn around, so I squeezed her arms and told her I loved her too; because I didn't want her to see me crying and have to explain why...

    When I first came home from work today I was rushing and I knew exactly what I needed to get done before the kids got home from school, but the Katie Show was on TV; and it caught my attention.   As I was putting down my stuff I was listening and decided to sit down to watch the story about a little boy (3) named Ronan, who was the cutest little boy with the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen (as you can see by the picture below); and it broke my heart into a million little pieces...

   Ronan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer in August 2010.  His mom started a blog called Rockstar Ronan ( I assume to have a way to get her feelings out about the things she was going through; and ended up posted daily about the journey she (and her family) was going through as she fought to find the a way to keep him alive.

   The Katie Show briefly told Ronan's story and talked about the foundation that was started in his name, by his mom, in order to help find a cure and treatment for children with Cancer and to help other families that were going through this horrific ordeal.  Her goal is to build a treatment center for kids!

   After the show I went to the website planning to learn a little bit more about the foundation and what this type of cancer was, but instead I found myself reading the blog for hours!

   I began reading in August 2010, with the first blog post which was when they found out that Ronan had cancer and were starting to deal with everything; and I continued to read until well after May 2011 when Ronan passed.  The ups and downs in the disease were awful; one day things were looking up and the next there was another hurdle to jump over.  With every post, I could hear the love and joy of a mother, the pain and frustrations, and the fear and helplessness, it was heartbreaking.

    As a mother, I can not imagine how she made it through that time in her life; but you can hear just how in the blog because she did not hold anything back.  Listening to her today on the Katie show I can see that she will get there though,she is determined to help other children and their families to fight this horrible disease!

  Hearing a mother pour out her thoughts and feelings in those moments, like that... as she was watching her child suffer and there was nothing she could do .. made me stop and think about just how important it is to show the people in your life how much you love them.. Each and Every day!

   Visit Rockstar Roman  (, read his mother's blog, and support a cause to help find a cure for Children with Cancer... Because NO family should ever have to encounter what this one did!

 **Help Ronan's name will live on! :}


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It was the most annoying thing EVER!

      What is that annoying sound.. I thought as I turned around to see if there was a problem with the television channel!?

 All I heard was cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.eeeeeeeeeeee.eeeese.   It was the most annoying sound I had ever heard, but it got my attention and I am glad it did!  ....  Read more at the Creation Station!

Life's Inspirational Quote of the Week...

A friend shared this inspiration quote graphic with me on Facebook; and I thought that I would share it with my Life friends!  I hope that when you read this it will inspire you to follow your dreams, no matter what age you may be; because it is never too late to go after what you want in Life!

.....Hope you all have a wonderful and inspirational week! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make your Website stand out from all the rest!

Creation Station: Does your Website stand out from all the rest?

When someone visits your website, what makes it Unique?? See how you can engage your visitors and guide them in ways that will make your site different than all the others! ..Read More!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Make Logo's FREE at Logo Garden

Logo Garden has a lot to choose from if you need to make a logo! I have been just playing around with it a little bit since I came across it yesterday; and made this logo...

There are so many icons to choose from and the best part is it's FREE.  You even get the option to buy matching business cards at a great price!  

So, if you are looking to make a Logo for your business, website, or whatever.. check out LogoGarden.  

I am sure that you can create a great Logo that will capture the look and feel you need to fit your business!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What is your Pet going as for Halloween?

I came across the cutest costume (at Halloween Pet Costume | Halloween Pet Fun) for a dachshund (you know the wenner dogs).. a Hot Dog! ((lol))  And you can even get it with ketchup or mustard.

I did not see any costumes for Miley (our Rottweiler) or other bigger dogs, but I didn't really search much.  I don't think Miley would like to dress up for Halloween ((lol)).  There are some really cool costumes for your pets available this year though.

Are you dressing your pet up for Halloween?  If so, What is your Pet going as?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Unheard Cries For Help

Yesterday a young girl, Amanda Todd, committed suicide after being targeted and bullied by some guy she met online; and by kids in school because of the cruelty he inflicted.

My heart breaks for her family and friends; and it infuriates me to no end!!  Bullying has to stop; I mean, how many young and beautiful kids are going to have to commit suicide for it to stop.

I think that laws need to be stricter, internet bullying has to be punished, and kids (teenagers especially) have to learn that their horrible words not only hurt, but kill!

Please, keep this family in your prayers....

According to what I have read and seen on supporting Facebook pages and other sites; Amanda uploaded this video in September 2012. I just wish that someone, that could have helped, would have seen these unheard cries for help; and done something before it was too late!

~R.I.P Amanda Todd

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Personalized Yearbooks are Custom for Each Student and No Cost to Your School

    I was looking at some digital scrapbooking stuff tonight and came across something that I thought was pretty cool... Custom Yearbooks!! I watched the video on everything worked and I thought that it was an awesome idea...

Do you have your High School Yearbook?  (Ah.. Yeah)  Do you ever look at it? (lol, not for years)

    Most of us aren't in our High School Yearbooks, but once or twice... Do they really tell the story of YOUR High School years or are they about all the popular kids or sports.  Custom Yearbooks with TreeRing are customized to each student.. their story!  So, in 20 years when they pull the High School Yearbook out.. it will retell their story of the year school!

     I think that Yearbooks that can tell a personal story will be more memorable than the traditional ones; however, this is just my personal opinion. 

                            Check out TreeRing at the link below & let me know what you think!?!?
TreeRing Yearbooks, Personalized Yearbooks are Custom for Each Student and No Cost to Your School

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Creation Station: Creativity used to Empower Cancer Patients

 Kayaking for Cancer ( ) has found a creative way to empower kids and adults who have been diagnosed with cancer...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Creation Station: 3D Stimulation ..

I was checking out some virtual technology; and found something awesome .. 3D Stimulation; so, I thought I would share it with you all.    Read more at Creation Station: 3D Stimulation ..

Friday, October 5, 2012

Setting and Tracking Your Goals

A friend asked me to do a Potty Training chart for her daughter; so, I have been looking around for idea's on what kind of accomplishments the charts would have and so on.  I came across the  Disney Princess Potty Training Chart | Potty Training Concepts chart and many others that can be printed for Free right from home.     They have Dora, The Cars, Basic Charts, and other character charts as well.

~If you are looking for a great potty training chart or concepts; check it out, the site is 100% focused on this topic.

Charts are a great way for kids to track their goals and accomplishments; and adults too.  Personally, I love Goal For It ( because I can track personal goals, the kids goals (with rewards), create and track lists, and even set household goals.  All of which I am able to print or track online; and I can set personal goals that I can decide to keep private or share.

Setting and Tracking your goals can help you accomplish things; and help kids work hard to accomplish their as well.  So, I hope that this can help you or a friend reach your goals!

Just Believe!

  When you look into the mirror, what do you see...  Do you like the person looking back at you?  Do you believe that they can accomplish anything?

  So many of us walk through Life, scared to challenge ourselves; in fear of failure. If you answered no to the questions I asked or if you realized as you read them that this is you... Get out of your own way!  Don't be scared to strive for what you want or believe in; because You CAN do anything that you set your mind to in Life!

   Life is short and dreams are important.. So, the next time you you look in the mirror, Tell that person staring back that they can accomplish ANYTHING in Life and Believe it!