Friday, March 22, 2013

A Diaper-Cake for a little Boy

When I made my first Diaper-Cake Stroller a few weeks ago, it turned out to be awesome!  At the Baby Shower a friend asked me to make her one for a shower she had to attend this week (on Monday), but it was for a little boy.  I was excited to have the chance to do another one and this time in blue!

So... Diaper-Cake Stroller for a little boy, was my challenge this past weekend, but it did present a challenge!

I don't get to town much; so, I had told my friend that she would need about 100  diapers, 3 bibs, 3 receiving blankets, a large blanket, paci's, and some ribbon that all fit in the same color scheme... and that is exactly what she brought me.

However, the large blanket was like a fleece and it did not have a large focal point (design) like the blanket I used in the first one and the receiving blankets didn't really work well together with it when the stroller was assembled...  hmmm... what to do?!

I bet I took the stroller apart 10 times and changed where each one went and how the base was wrapped, but in the end it turned out alright and my friend was pleased at the outcome!  She said the girl loved it; and it was the talk of the shower (so to speak)!  :)

The wheels were the best part, to me; they turned out to be beautiful!   Don't ya think?!

I did a couple video clips during the making of the wheels; and if anyone would like to view them, let me know and I will post'em!  

On my last stop at the store to grab some extra ribbon to make some last minute additions to the Diaper-Cake Stroller, I found some awesome ribbon that could make some really cool wheels!  I think I might go back and get some and try a hot-wheel or trike the next time! (lol)

Hope you all enjoyed this and hope to see you share your ideas on crafty & creative gift ideas!!

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