Thursday, April 3, 2014

Diaper-Cake: Baby Girl Stroller with Dancing Shoes and Singing Birds

A few months back I did another Diaper Cake... and once again, it was for a little girl!  I have used the same blanket on a few diaper cakes; therefore, I wanted something different!  I really love being able to do some things like this every now and then because I hardly get to do it much any more...

 I loved this Diaper-Cake!  The color-combo worked nicely together and it just gave me a sweet feeling inside when I looked at it! I only wish that I could have found a blanket to match the ballet slippers.. that would have turned out nicely, I think!  What do you think?


I made this one for a family member.  We went to the store and she picked out a few things she liked and what I needed; and in a few hours, this is what we had!

I have to say that the first time I made a Diaper-Cake, it took me a little while (lol); but after making a few now, the time has diminished a lot!

Please.. Share your thoughts and your creative Diaper-Cakes or other gift ideas with us!!