Thursday, November 20, 2014

Are We Taking Life TOO Serious?

After getting home from work today, I checked out my Facebook as normal, and come across a story from WRAL ( about a new, barbie type, doll with acne and tattoo's on her.  They asked parents if they would buy it; and the comments were all over the place!  Do you think you would?

Personally, I'm not sure if I would or not; but if we were shopping and she liked it... Why Not?  (Even though the doll could have blended the acne/tattoo's  a lot better, I think!)  Kids don't see these things as an influence as much as we think they do (I don't think).  Now I would not have ever bought the "pregnant doll" because I do think that one was a little too much for little girls to be playing with (just my opinion).

Acne is a given... I mean, kids are going to experience it, not many ways around it for most of us.  Are we saying that acne is wrong or ugly in so way!?  Because this is how it sounds when we don't want our kids to have a doll with it. I'm just saying that even though I DO see the side that everyone is pointing out, but I see the companies reasoning in some ways as well.  I guess the tattoo's on the doll would be more concern for me, even though my husband and I both have one.  I just don't want my girls to think they should have one before they are ready; and when they clearly realize that many people ((not all)) still view and have negative opinions about them!

However, kids love the idea of putting the fake tattoo's on themselves; and having the same one as their doll... How cool is that!?  That's what the kid's thinking, Right?

So, I ask..
                  Are we taking Life TOO seriously?  

I think sometimes we do!  I know I have been someone who views most situations in a negative spotlight or worried about the outcome more than I needed to, for most of my life.  But Life if too short for all that; and we have so many, MUCH bigger issues in the world that we need to be worried about (in my opinion). 

As Parents we don't like every product that is focused towards kids, as spouses we don't like every product focused towards our significant other, and as women/men we don't like everything sold that focuses on our gender... My Point is that, as individuals, we have the choice to buy it or leave it in the store.  If enough people dislike the product it will disappear! :)  ((Maybe lol))

Leave your thoughts below, I would love to hear them!