Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Relationship Wednesday: Honor Your Vows

I was raised that MARRIAGE is sacred and special!

For all you men/women who get the thought that the 'grass is a little greener elsewhere' (which you'll probably realize later, isn't).. show your partner a little RESPECT and leave before you hurt/scar them with cheating. And for all the men/women that didn't take those VOWS with someone, show a little Character/Self-Respect for those who have and don't go skirt'in around with someone else's husband/wife!!

As I have seen so many marriages destroyed and too many people hurt by cheating lately, I wonder what happened to people taking these vows seriously! If you don't want to be there.. LEAVE! Don't run around behind their back with someone else or be the one that their running around with... Because our character matters (or it should at least), and behaving like hormonal teenagers isn't how adults should act! ((Just Saying))

My Thoughts this Wednesday is that... If you love someone enough to take that leap, love and respect them enough not to cheat!

If you feel that your relationships not working...
     try to communicate, seek help, or go your separate ways in the best way possible...

Don't make every memory of yourself in your mates eyes be destroyed by being unfaithful.. Honor Your Vows!

*This is just my opinion, I would love to hear yours!