Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am addicted!

OMG.. I'm gonna have to buy a hub to store all of my MyMemorys Suite (MMS) freebies and cool stuff!

Over the past month, I have seen so many AMAZING pages from others, and I have snagged a ton of awesome kits... best of all, they were ALL Free!  :)

Prom is right around the corner and it has given me a reason to play with the software more and more... and I can honestly say that I am ADDICTed ((lol))!!  I just wish I had more time to mess with it!  I can't wait to get the Prom pages finished...

Over Mother's Day I have a family member & a friend that were struggling this Holiday because they lost their babies.. ((So, Sad))

So, I threw together a few things I found online,used a freebie kit background from the MMS shop, and added some word art..

It didn't take long to put together, but it was a sweet gesture that I could share with them (and other mom's in their situation) to let them know they were thought of on Mother's Day!

I have always loved to scrapbook, and being able to create digital pages is awesome!!  But MMS can be used for so much more... I have seen a lady that has created all kinds of banners and timeline covers with the software.  I can't wait to learn all of the possibilities that MMS offers.  I bet the possibilities all endless!

If you haven't tried the software, check it out at and take advantage of the free trial; and make sure to use the code in the sidebar (to your right) to get a great discount if when you decide to keep it (lol).

*If you are a MMS owner.. What do you love about MMS?  & Feel free to hare your awesome creations (if you'd like)

How to Set & Accomplish Goals in Life

Some people make it look easy reaching goals in life, while others struggle to accomplish theirs... Why is this!?

Are there steps they follow?  Does it have anything to do with the their upbringings, support system, self confidence?  Is there a 'big secret' that others could learn from....  

I have often struggled over the years accomplishing any 'Goal' that I have set for myself.  (lol) In my defence, these goals normally focused on weight-loss; and we ALL know how hard that can be.. Either from a personal standpoint or seeing it with family or friends.  However, I have recently accomplished a life goal when I wanted to go back to school.. I have received my Associates Degree and 1/2 way through my Bachelor's, this is an amazing feeling of accomplishment in my life.

How did I accomplish this Goal?  and What things did I use to help me?  I've thought about these things a lot because I want to use the answers to help me set and accomplish new goals in my Life; and help others do the same!! :)   

So... here are a few tips that I believe will help us accomplish the goals we set in our lives!

  1. Define the Goal .
  2. Write down the reasons WHY the Goal is important & how life will change because you did it! Journal along the way to express the challenges and successful times.
  3. Create a detailed Plan... Creating Goal Charts, Steps Lists, etc. can help with this task!
  4. Believe that you can accomplish the Goal you have Set... "Never say you CAN'T do it!"
  5. Stay focused.
  6. Don't beat yourself up if you slip.. Just dust yourself off as having a bad moment and pick up where you left off! 
  7. Reward yourself in the little accomplishments.. every step is ONE step closer to the overall Goal! 
  8. Revise the Plan 1/2 way through to define new visions that will help in accomplishing the Goal.
  9. Read the statements from step #2 often (daily could have great results) and continue to document the journey (this will help with future goals).
  10. Vision Success & KNOW that it is accomplishable... Tell yourself daily that "YOU CAN DO IT!"
I hope that these simple things in combination with self determination can and will help set and accomplish all of the future goals in Life! :)