Saturday, February 9, 2013

The most Romantic Valentine's Day

  Valentine's Day is the day of Romance.. but a few years ago, romance was far from my mind as I was getting dressed for my dad's funeral.  Honestly, Valentine's Day was the farthest from my mind!

  On the ride home, the car was filled with silence; and the holiday was mentioned to break the ice.  My husband apologizes for not having a gift, as do I; but we both know and understand completely and forget about it.

   The next day my hubby returns from work; and in he comes with flowers and a card. Naturally, it brings a smile to my face and love in my heart.. as it will to anyone receiving such a sweet gift.  However, I notice something familiar about some of the flowers...  they were the one's I had got from daddy's funeral.

    Seems that when he went to get my flower's he asked if they could add them in, so that they would last longer.  Awww!!  I can't explain the feelings of love that came over me that year and I can honestly say that it was the most romantic Valentine's Day that I have had.  (and the worse as well)

  As the big day arrives so people try to find the most extravagant gifts or the most popular one's for their loved one; and it definitely does bring a smile to their face and love into their heart.  But.. I think if you really want to pull on their heart strings.. do something totally thoughtful that will mean something to her in a way that she will remember forever!

   Spend some time thinking about how you can make the love of your life's Valentine's Day extra special this year!  Make them feel that you love them more than anything else on earth.. bring romance to the day.

   I think that doing something that had thoughts of love behind it, will bring romance as well.  This is why it was the most romantic Valentine's Day when my husbands kind gesture made me feel like I was loved more than anything else in the world... it had Heart added!