Thursday, June 9, 2016

Just a Little Graduation MIx

Hey Everybody!!

   Long time, no see!!  Sorry, I mostly Blog on A New Me these days!  However, I do hope to make some changes soon.  I've really been thinking about a make over for this place!  :)

Anyways... I can't believe that Graduation is TOMORROW!!  Wow, how time has flown this year!!

So, lately I have been working on a project for my daughter's graduation party.. a video that shows her growing up!  (it really does.. lol... no one will ever sit and watch the whole thing, I'm sure)

During my search of awesome music that could fit the occasion, I came across this video of this video of the Kahuku Class of 2015 Senior Class doing a dance/music mix up!  It's pretty cool!

I told my daughter their graduating class should have done something... she just looked at me, like.. "NOT!" lol

Check it out!!

They did a good job, huh!?  

Well, anyways, I hope to be back more regular soon!!   Congrats to all c/o 2016 Graduates!!!