Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Are we as smart as we used to be?

Every since I become a student with a technology interest, I've researched many ways that technology has made our lives easier and what it can do for us.

Our phones store our numbers and we just pick a contact and call. Do we remember numbers like we used to? I catch myself "blank" sometimes if I have to actually dial the number.. Do you?

On GMA the other morning I briefly caught a story where they discussed a study that had been done on the decrease of intelligence in humans due to technology. Which really made me think more about this feeling that I have been having.

Our cars give us directions, talking to us the whole way almost (lol).  However, is this a good thing because sometimes this technology just does not know all the possible shortcuts... Does anyone ever read a paper Map anymore?

If we took all of the technology out of our lives, how lost would we be?  Would we figure out just how smart we truly are or realize we aren't as smart as we used to be?

When the power was out the local gas station was open, but using calculators to calculate the purchase.. I sat there as the young lady (a high school kid) struggled with calculating the taxes... I guess because the cash register had always performed this critical task for her.

Technology is awesome and a part of most of our daily duties, but have we begun to rely on it for so many things that we have forgotten how to do them ourselves?