Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Define a Champion?

  When we think of what a Champion is, we often look at the competitors in sports; like all the gold, bronze, and silver winners in the on-going Olympics!

  If you would have asked me yesterday how I would define a champion, I would have answered pretty much the same as the first sentence in this blog...   However, I have been looking at that a bit different today because of a quote I read earlier!

  I had to go pick up some supplies for my mom this afternoon and on the white board in the hall, there was a quote that said... "A Champion is Someone Who Never Gives Up on their Dreams!" (unknown author)

  I love short, powerful quotes that make you think about life differently!!
Quotes that ....
  • Inspire us to be a better person
  • Encourage us to chase our dreams
  • or that simply make us remember a special moment/person and SMILE!
What are the quotes that you love?  Share them and help brighten someone else's day!! :)