Saturday, March 2, 2013

Amazing what a few changes can do!

The first version of my diaper-cake turned out pretty good...

My 1st Diaper=Cake: Version #1

but a few addition things had to be done to it; so, here's what I did...

I added a bow with a red layer to the front.. which helped compliment the wheels; and I added a little window in the bad to avoid the plain look!

Cute little flowers were added to the wheels and one on the top of the bassinet/stroller as well.

You can see the changes in the pictures below, to get a better look at the changes and how the changes the look of the whole project.
My 1st Diaper-Cake: Version #2... The Completed Version! :)

Overall.. I think that my first Diaper-Cake project turned out pretty good; and I think the couple will like the gift!!  

Hope to tackle a new project soon though; because making this bassinet/stroller diaper-cake was FUN!!

My 1st Diaper-Cake.. Version #1

      Finally, I got everything put together for the diaper-cake; and it looks alright.  There are a few pieces to tighten-up and I'm still not sure about the red ribbon on the wheels, but it was the only color ribbon on the roll I got that comes close to matching the blankets.

     ... and I refuse to return to the store again!  So, I gotta find a way to make this work!!

This is what Version #1 of My 1st Diaper-Cake looks like....

My 1st Bassinet/Stroller Diaper-Cake: Before adding extra little changes! 

.... Updated Version will be uploaded shortly!! :)

Completed Version Here!!!

How I decided to make a diaper-cake as my Baby Shower gift!

I got a phone call from a friend the other day reminding me of a Baby Shower she is having for her grand-baby this weekend; so, I decided to try this idea I have been thinking about doing for a while... A Diaper Cake!

However, before now I wouldn't be able to use the diapers if it turned out horrible... ((lol))

So, I did a little research and watched a few video's on YouTube to look at what I was up for.  It doesn't look that hard, so I thought I would give-it-a-go.  The next time I stopped in town at the store I grabbed some diapers and a few little things I thought I needed; and I came home to get started.

After making a motorcycle (so I thought it was) with only a few diapers for the wheels, and no materials at all... I was proud of my accomplishment.

((lol))  I showed it off to the family (not saying what it was supposed to be) and my daughter says it is a "Snail".  Hmm... then my husband says, before I have a chance to correct her.. "No it's not..It's a rabbit!"  So, I decided to correct them both by saying, "It's a motorcycle!"  

Anyways.. I knew this was going to be a little more of a challenge than I thought; and I would need a few more things. 

Yesterday evening I got the rest of the stuff that I needed, but could not find any ribbon that I liked or the width I wanted.  I ended up with a variety of colors on one roll; however, all of the colors are a little darker than I preferred!  

This morning I got started on my Diaper Bassinet/stroller baby shower gift because the shower was this evening (so I thought); and it was fun!  A little bit of a challenge when you are rushed, but I done what I could and went off to work.. thinking about what I was going to do, the entire time!

So, I got started and ran into a few challenges; but it looks alright (I think)!!

I will let you all know all about my first experience at making a diaper bassinet/stroller in my next post, which will hopefully be tonight, but no later than tomorrow, I'm EXCITED to share it with you all!!

See ya Soon!! 

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