Sunday, July 29, 2012

Assuming you can do it is not always a good idea!

I have always loved to draw; and if I took the time figuring out how to accomplish a task related to drawing, I could usually pull it off somewhat okay! However, as I have been told before... "Assuming you can do it is not always a good idea! (lol)

A few weeks ago I was asked to Paint Faces for a community function for a small town. My first response was that I was unable to do this because I have never painted faces, except on Halloween. Then, I was asked if I could draw? I told the man in charge that I could draw(after, my husband and BFF had expressed that I was modest and could draw well), but I had never tried any face painting before. His response was that I should be fine if I could draw and that the kids really wouldn't care as long as I could do simple things like hearts, balls, balloons, and so on.... So, I agreed!

I knew how hard it is for me to paint with a brush vs. a pencil, pen, or marker; therefore, I searched for face painting pens, pencils, or something that I could use to avoid using a brush. I found a listed that the local Walmart carried these products and decided that was what I would purchase to fulfill my face painting duties.... Should have thought on it a little longer (lol). I decided to stop at a local hobby shop first because I was in a hurry and figured they may have a larger selection to choose from; and they did. I grabbed a few sets of what actually was more like a paint crayon and a pack of face paint that came with a brush.

The night before I had planned to practice on my girls to get a idea of how I would like it, but ended up practicing on my husband (who was a good sport)because my girls decided to spend the night with grandma. However, I quickly figured out that I had assumed I could draw on faces as good as I could on paper. Boy was I wrong!

I started to freak a little and almost cancelled, but I knew they were counting on me to add fun to the day. However, I wondered if I was going to have tons of kids looking crazy in the process (LOL). My husband assured me that it really won't that bad after the 4th or 5th picture, so I prayed that it would work out good.

When I got to the event, I was very nervous and did not have any idea what was in store for me; but I figured it wouldn't be as hard as I was making myself believe it would be.

I got set up, slowly (lol), hoping that my girls would hurry and be my first victims, but they were running late. Once I had everything unpacked.. and before I could even take a deep breath, a little boy asked if I was painting faces! I told him yes and asked what he wanted... and he said, "I want a TIGER!" I though oh my.. what have I gotten myself into (lol). However, I explained that I wasn't quite ready to do a tiger yet, but I told him a few things I could. He decided on a batman symbol and was on his way... and not a bad one after all, if I have to say so myself.

However, about 2 seconds later I had a line of kids and I was silently freaking out (lol)! I have never been someone who likes someone watching them draw or good at being rushed. These are not things I took into account when I was asked either.

Being rushed, kids bumping you when you are working, sweaty faces that don't work well with the paint, and paint crayons that start to melt when they are hot.. all of these things don't go with painting faces; and I learned that this weekend! I also learned that painting is not my thing by far; and not something I want to do again.

It was Fun.. and the kids didn't look crazy. I mean, there were a few that I would have liked to do again, but with them rubbing and sweating it didn't take long to mess up a perfect one. Overall, I did okay for the first attempt (so I was told, but beg to differ somewhat), but I should have taken more things into account before just assuming!

So, take it from me; Assuming you can do it is not always a good idea! I wish I would have researched the products that would be best for the environment and practiced with a variety or products before actually choosing (lol)!