Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why is Miley is afraid of the car?

Miley is my beautiful baby.. well, technically she is no baby (lol), she is our pet.  However, she does feel like a part of the family.  Therefore, it worries me when she has something wrong with her, just like it would if it was my child.  Miley has an anxiety of riding in the car and this worries me  a lot and disappoints me too; because I would love to take her riding!

When we got Miley she was just a puppy, only 8-9 weeks old.  On the way home she acted a little anxious, which I thought was normal for her first car ride.

The next day I wanted to take her to the vet to get her checked out and get her first set of shots.  On the way home she was acting a little stressed out; so, we stopped by a friends house to let her get out and walk around, because we had a long trip home and my friend only lived a couple blocks away.

She got sick in the car right as I pulled up and again on the way home too.

A couple of nights later we took her for another ride, trying to get her used to the car; and again she gets sick (this time in my lap, ugh).

I really hate that she has an anxiety of the car!

I tried ever-so-often over the past year or two to get Miley to go riding, other than to the vet, and every time it's the same result.  The last time, we only went about 3 miles up the road to get gas.  She was panting the whole way, slobbering like crazy.. I thought she was going to have a Heart Attack; and this really scared me!

I thought this was rare.. You know, a Dog with an Anxiety (lol), however, I was wrong!

When I searched this topic, I learned that dogs can experience all kinds of anxiety.. weird, huh?

I could only find one article about dog's with anxieties of the car; and I have tried all the suggestions the reply offered on Cesar's Way.

So.. does anyone have any tips that I can use to help Miley on her next car ride?

She has to go to the vet soon and I don't want her to experience another panic attack.. they are awful!

Thanks in advance for any useful advice; and I would love to hear your pet stories!  Has your pet experienced an car panic or another pet anxiety?