Thursday, July 9, 2015

You were Born to Stand Out

Tonight I was trying to find an old picture, but since we swapped computers it was gone.  I went to Facebook looking through mine, my husbands, and then my daughter's pictures... This lead me down memory lane! (*tear)

This upcoming school year she will be a Senior in High School.  Wow, where did time go!!??  It was like I was taking a walk down memory lane, seeing pictures that I don't remember ever seeing.  

... and I thought, My baby is growing up.  She will be venturing off into her own world in such a short time.  I'm not an emotional person, but this is so bittersweet.  I can't wait to see what the world has to offer her; she is so smart and I want everything to be great for her!!  BUT we all know that Life throws a few curve-balls and we need to be able to handle it (as best as possible that is).

I've been trying to put together a memory album for her, especially her High School years as she ends her journey through the easiest part of life,  as a reminder to cherish.  This is what really got me looking through her (& a lot of her friends) pictures.  

So many lives changing...  Trying to find there way in what they want to be and how they want to live their lives as they become young adults.  I grown to love many of these kids like they were my own and I'm so proud of all of them.  I want them all to strive to be there best they can be and Stand Out!

This made me think of the  quote pages a friend from My Memories had made for her son whom was graduating from High School.. an awesome scrapbook with Life Advice from a Mother to a Son.

Back when I first started the Life's Weekly Quotes here .. I was lucky enough to get her approval of sharing a few as long as she wasn't tagged.. Didn't want him to see it!  It was such an awesome idea, love it.

As I read what she had wrote to him along the side of the page, she gave him strong, firm, and loving advice that any parent would give, fitting the Dr. Seuss quote perfectly!  Ending with his quote, "Why Fit in, when You were Born to Stand Out!"  

I wish this for my daughter, her friends, and everyone reading this post!!  Be YOU!!  Strive to be the best person you can be, stand out from the crowd, and appreciate life everyday!!