Thursday, October 25, 2012

Makes you realize how precious Life truly is..

     As I sat there reading, with tears pouring down my face, I felt two little arms hug me and the sweet voice of my daughter telling me she loved me.  I tried not to turn around, so I squeezed her arms and told her I loved her too; because I didn't want her to see me crying and have to explain why...

    When I first came home from work today I was rushing and I knew exactly what I needed to get done before the kids got home from school, but the Katie Show was on TV; and it caught my attention.   As I was putting down my stuff I was listening and decided to sit down to watch the story about a little boy (3) named Ronan, who was the cutest little boy with the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen (as you can see by the picture below); and it broke my heart into a million little pieces...

   Ronan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer in August 2010.  His mom started a blog called Rockstar Ronan ( I assume to have a way to get her feelings out about the things she was going through; and ended up posted daily about the journey she (and her family) was going through as she fought to find the a way to keep him alive.

   The Katie Show briefly told Ronan's story and talked about the foundation that was started in his name, by his mom, in order to help find a cure and treatment for children with Cancer and to help other families that were going through this horrific ordeal.  Her goal is to build a treatment center for kids!

   After the show I went to the website planning to learn a little bit more about the foundation and what this type of cancer was, but instead I found myself reading the blog for hours!

   I began reading in August 2010, with the first blog post which was when they found out that Ronan had cancer and were starting to deal with everything; and I continued to read until well after May 2011 when Ronan passed.  The ups and downs in the disease were awful; one day things were looking up and the next there was another hurdle to jump over.  With every post, I could hear the love and joy of a mother, the pain and frustrations, and the fear and helplessness, it was heartbreaking.

    As a mother, I can not imagine how she made it through that time in her life; but you can hear just how in the blog because she did not hold anything back.  Listening to her today on the Katie show I can see that she will get there though,she is determined to help other children and their families to fight this horrible disease!

  Hearing a mother pour out her thoughts and feelings in those moments, like that... as she was watching her child suffer and there was nothing she could do .. made me stop and think about just how important it is to show the people in your life how much you love them.. Each and Every day!

   Visit Rockstar Roman  (, read his mother's blog, and support a cause to help find a cure for Children with Cancer... Because NO family should ever have to encounter what this one did!

 **Help Ronan's name will live on! :}