Thursday, April 18, 2013

What does your online presence say about you?

Lately I have been reading a lot of posts, blogs, tweets, and Facebook statuses.. and I have formed opinions (as many people do) about the person they belong to; but are these opinions sufficient?

Most people write about the things they are passionate about.. their family, kids, life, and the things they love or hate; and a reader will get the feeling of who the writer is and what their interests are (in some sense).

However, often we will judge or get the wrong impression if the writer doesn't present the message correctly or if they're angry, hurt, or disappointed at the time; and the reader may get the wrong impression about who they really are!

When someone reads what you have written in a post, comment, blog, status update, or tweet does it reflect who you truly are as a person!?

When I am online, I try my best to present myself as I truly am!  I try my best to be the mom I want my kids to look up to and respect; and not someone that embarrasses them or my husband in any way.

However, some times it can be difficult to stay quiet and not express my true thoughts or opinions on certain issues or comment when someone acts disrespectful, "perfect", or inappropriately online!

I find it most difficult to see teenagers presenting themselves in a way that I would never allow my own children to be, unaware of the consequences that could result from the things they say, things they upload or like, and the way they present themselves online! ... Not realizing that some of those things can hurt their reputation, prevent jobs in the future, or even put them at risk of worse things as well.

So.. I wanna know, "What does your online presence say about you?"