Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Must See Tuesday: Soul Surfer

I was talking to a friend the  other day about the shark attacks that have happened on the coast.  This conversation made my daughter mention the movie Soul Surfer, which my friend had never seen.  I was SHOCKED!!

There are so many movies that are awesome and inspiring that many have never seen!!  So, Today I wanna do something different, and try to keep up with weekly if the readers like it.. a MUST SEE MOVIE TUESDAY!!  

Soul Surfer is a true story of a surfer, Bethany Hamilton, who had her arm bit off by a shark and overcome the odds/struggles that accompanied that with her drive to surf again!  Wonderful Story!!

First, Take a look at the news story...

If you haven't seen Soul Surfer, watch it soon, it's a GREAT MOVIE!!!

A Bonus look at a documentary of Bethany's life..