Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kindergarten Class Gets Therapy...


Last week I heard the craziest, yet kinda funny (if you still have a sense of humor-->;which most don't these days) story!!  A 5 year old little boy's class (I'm assuming Kindergarten) gets therapy because of a huge mix up at a bakery.  BUT did they really NEED therapy for it!?

  Personally, I don't think so!  There are so many other ways this could have carried out, in my opinion.  Let me tell ya the story and then we can debate...

   The lady I sit with has a few day time shows that she watches, one being Judge Mablean's Court.  On the show a lady was suing a Bakery owner because of a mix-up; which she said resulting in the school getting therapy for her 5 year old son's class.

  She had ordered a Mickey Mouse Cake for his Birthday.  Rushing, she only glanced at the cake before taking it to the school for his party!

  The Bakery owner, also RUSHING, assumed her cake had been marked with her last name.... since there were 2 (very different) Mickey Mouse cakes scheduled for pick up that day!!

  It was funny because when the Judge asked what she was suing him for, she had to ask again because she didn't think she had heard her correctly!!  ((LOL))

... You see, the 2nd MM cake schedule for pick up that day was for a Bachelor type party and it was for a Mickey Mouse Penis Cake.. You read right!!!  a Mickey Mouse Penis Cake!

  Can you imagine the reaction when that cake was opened in front of her son's teacher, maybe a few parents?!  OMGosh, I CAN! Talk about embarrassing!!  (((LMAOOoooOOo))) I'm sure it was NOT funny at moment though!

   BUT did this really need to go as far as the school getting therapy?  I don't think so!!

Honestly, I think getting therapy probably made the kids think about it more-so than they would have... BUT they didn't show the picture; and it could have been very graphic!  I just think that there could have been a few smugges made by the adults or cut where no one realize it was the genitalia.

What do you think..  Do you think therapy was necessary?