Friday, September 18, 2015

Amazing Deal on a Desktop Tower

About a month or so ago, my computer decided to give it and die on me!  It was working fine when I went off to bed, but would not come on when I woke up in the morning!  It was awful, I have grown quite attached to my PC.

I asked my mom to borrow her laptop for a few days until I could get something else, but just didn't realize it would take so long to do so.  I got shorted hours at work and then didn't get a paycheck at all, but hopefully that is all fixed and everything will be back in order today!!  ((Hopefully))

I've been looking all over for a great deal on one, something preferably that I didn't have to come out of pocket all at once for... QVC had some awesome deals that allowed for 5 payments and a few other places as well; but I got a better deal than I ever thought possible!!!

I was looking on the Walmart website ( over the weekend at some personalized gift ideas for Christmas (I like those kids of gifts), and decided to search their towers.  I have a HUGE monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers; I just needed a new tower to run things.

They had so great prices on their laptops, but I really like my Desktop PC.  Looking at the towers and the best deals (rollbacks & online offers), I came across some refurbished towers that definitely met my price range at the moment!!

Sure, I wasn't big on the idea of a refurbished tower, but who can beat around $90??!!  No where that I found!

It's not over-flowing with features that I would love to have, but it has enough memory to last a while and it will allow me to do what I want; and with a 2 year warranty, just in case it does have issues.. I didn't think I'd ever get another deal closer!

Getting this tower dirt cheap, made me wonder has the desktop become that extinct that the prices could really be so low!?  I just couldn't believe the deal!!

I love a good deal, don't you?!  I plan to keep my eyes open towards the holidays for the online offers that I'll never see in the store!